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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We are travelling as a diverse group of people and have different levels of fitness, can you accommodate us?

    Of course! 

    Pick the tour that speaks to all of you the most and we can grade the levels of the activities to suit. You can also mix itineraries together so that the day in Sligo for instance can include surfing, hiking or horseback riding for the person eager for a challenge and a gentle sunset stroll on the beach, a seaweed spa and some free time for the person who wants to immerse themselves at a slower pace. Either way, just make a note of this to us when you book the tour or send us an email and we will make sure to match your tour to your groups’ needs. 

    You can also book via our ‘customize your own tour’ (link) page, where you can tick all the activities and sights that meet the wishes and needs of your group and we will get back to you with an itinerary to match!

  • Is there a minimum suitable age?

    We recommend a minimum age of 8 years and up. We are happy to customise a private tour if you have kids younger than 8.

  • Can I take photos throughout my tour? Will the guide help us take photos?

    Photos can play an important part in treasuring the memories created on your tour and of course you can snap away and we will happily assist in capturing these great moments to whatever degree you prefer. We always send you all the photos the guides have captured during your tour for you to keep.

  • What is the grade of strenuousness of the tour? Will it fit me or will it be too easy/ tough?

    Each tour is worked out with a specific level of difficulty in mind for instance:

    The meandering tour is made specifically for the one who likes a slightly more relaxed pace, be in the moment and with less of a physically taxing focus. There’ll be gentler walks… 

    These tours are for the person who enjoys taking things in at a slower pace with less physical intensity. 

    The kid-friendly tour has plenty of exciting activities, and they are tailored to have built-in breaks, in between time to decompress or have a bit of free play and flexibility to take it slow or speed it up depending on the mood of the moment. It has a varied program that suits the burst and break time energy of younger people. The variation keeps school-aged children, teenagers as well as their parents engaged, challenged and met throughout. 

    The extreme adventurer is made for the one who likes to challenge themselves physically and push the boundaries for what you can do in a day. It is packed with activities both physically and mentally fulfilling and challenging. It is for the person who enjoys to feel tired and expanded at the end of the day. 

    Each of the rest of the tours in our range are made up to fit the average pace and experience mix of the person who likes a bit of everything, moderate physical challenges as well as sights and relaxation. These tours are for the person with a moderate fitness level. 

    We recommend going with the tour that feels right when you read through the program. Choose the program that you can see yourself enjoying, and if you feel that the tour that would suit your level best is missing a crucial activity or sightseeing spot, let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you! 

    Each tour is tailor-made to fit in gorgeous sights and fulfilling activities that follow nicely one from the next according to pace and geography and you can trust that whichever tour you pick, you’re in for an unforgettable experience.

  • Do you pick us up at our hotel before the tour commences?

    Yes, we can pick you up in Dublin, Belfast or anywhere else within a two hour drive remit from our starting point.

  • I am spending some time in Dublin/ Belfast before/after my trip – do you have any recommendations on where to stay/ what to see?

    Of course, send us an email and we’ll happily send our best suggestions your way.

  • Do I need travel insurance?

    Yes, we strongly recommend you do have your own travel insurance. Please contact your preferred insurance company with any questions you might have.

  • What will the weather be like?

    The weather in Ireland is known to have four seasons in one day, and it often does! So, pack a variety of clothes, from light to good protection. Layers are great as you can easily add or subtract as the weather changes. 

    We do have a fair bit of showers, but we also have stunning sunshine, beautiful cloud formations, rainbows, wind, calm, cool, warm and everything in between. It certainly doesn’t rain every day, but on an eight day tour for example, it’s highly likely you’ll get at least a drizzle at some point. So, keeping a rain jacket in the day pack is always recommended.

  • What is the local currency?

    There are actually two currencies on the island of Ireland; Euros and Pounds Sterling. Euros in the Republic of Ireland, and Pounds Sterling in Northern Ireland, as they are part of the United Kingdom. 

    Two of our tours include experiences in both these countries; The Irish Experience Tour and The 5-day North and Heartlands tour. If you are joining one of these tours, it is a good idea to have a bit of both for the coffee breaks, stopovers and free time evenings etc, though you can use a credit card in most locations.

  • When is a good time to travel to Ireland

    There are different benefits to each part of the year. The spring and summer months May, June, July & August and are the warmest months and these can be busier times. April is the driest month of the year and April, September and October we really like for the shorter days, so you can experience sunrises and west coast sunsets.

  • I have special dietary requirements, can you accommodate me?

    Yes, we will do everything in our power to accommodate you. Just let us know in advance of any special requirements, and we can build it into the tour.